Annette Wagner

My interest in crafts and artistic design began at the early age of four years old in my dad’s workshop in the basement of our Michigan home grinding and polishing precious and semi-precious stones to create exquisite jewelry. I grew up in a family with various creative enthusiasms that afforded me every opportunity to experiment with several different mediums including lapidary, crochet, macramé, calligraphy, doll making, and mosaics that all preceded my current journey in fused glass art.

Annette Wagner
Annette Wagner, Bold Gifts
Annette Wagner

Annette Wagner

Glass Fusion Artist

After college, I moved from Michigan to Arizona where I have called home for 35 years. In 2007, I developed a relationship with glass jumping headfirst into fused glass. It was a medium I could truly call my own having grown up in a family with various creative passions. The first class I attended was called, “Mad About Plaid”. A very detailed process of layering strings of glass, that look like uncooked spaghetti noodles, and tacked together to create a tartan plaid pattern dish.

I am an award-winning hot mosaic glass artist. In 2015, I entered my first glass show where I showcased a fun and creative “hot mosaic” piece. Hot mosaic is a technique where two or more layers of glass are fused together to give a piece more dimension. I created a “Margaritaville” beach themed cabinet door that was comprised of small details that included a shark bite out of a surfboard, that lost shaker of salt, a shark fin mark in the sand, a real shark’s tooth, and of course, margaritas that included lime slices and tiny red glass straws in a margarita glass.

I credit the tutors at The Stained Glass Shop, and amazing glass artists Gil Reynolds, Jayne Persico and Tanya Veit with invaluable lessons in technique. 

I specialize in fused glass. My glass art creations are carefully and thoughtfully handmade in the U.S.A. Because each piece is handmade, no two pieces are exactly alike. My focus is on creating quality, one of a kind glass art. Unlike substandard mass-produced products, I only use quality materials that will endure the test of time, and when cared for properly, they will continue to provide a lasting memory.

For me, fused glass is a medium that provides an infinite source of creative possibilities through the combination of colors, textures, and techniques. I feel just like a kid on Christmas morning every time I open my kiln after a glass firing only to find a unique and magical piece of art. Creating fused glass jewelry brings back special memories for me when my dad and I would create decorative cabochons with rocks, minerals and gemstones, we collected the summer before, into one of a kind jewelry.

Fused glass is a unique, elegant and timeless art form. My custom-made pieces add that extra finishing touch. I have a passion for creating personalized memorial crosses because it brings back special memories of their loved one and comfort to the person who receives it. It is my hope that these crosses become a legacy that would be passed on from one generation to the next. Seeing my creative ideas come to fruition brings me great joy, and I would love to share them with you.

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Annette Wagner

My Mission

To put people in touch with the magic of fused glass. To create unique handcrafted fused glass and beautiful jewelry that will make a statement using only high-quality materials that will live on for a lifetime.

Studio 22 Glass Fusion, Annette Wagner


Studio 22 Glass Fusion, Annette Wagner

HIGH quality materials

Studio 22 Glass Fusion, Annette Wagner

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About Annette Wagner Glass Fusion Artist

Happy Clients


“Annette’s custom-made glass art is unique. She works with you to create a made-to-order fused glass art piece that can be personalized with special elements she adds to her glass work.”


Glendale, Arizona

“I love the unique snowflake ornament Annette made that highlights a cross design inside. I enjoy it so much that I display it in my home all year round. It is truly one of a kind.”

Mary Ann

Warren, Michigan

“I own two handcrafted glass art pieces by Annette that I treasure to this day. One is a beaded fused glass cross and the other is an embossed fused glass necklace. The discipline, skill and patience required to do such detailed work is truly impressive and that makes each piece unique.”


Warren, Michigan

Custom Handmade Glass Art

Studio 22 Glass Fusion, Annette Wagner

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